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Dear freelancer,

Since you’ve decided to read this PRIVATE INVITATION and find out if you DO qualify for the inner circle, I believe that I already know these 3 things about you:

  1. You know you deserve more success this year.
  2. You get ‘stuck’ with basic business skills that hold you back
  3. You’re tired of ‘trying’ to figure things out on your own

Is one or more of these three common frustrations true for you?

If your answer is ‘YES’ then keep reading here because whether or not you financially qualify to become an inner circle client, it's no accident that you made it here and are reading this very special PRIVATE INVITATION right now…

UNDERSTAND: You are ready to dedicate 10 minutes of uninterrupted minutes out of your day right now, then keep reading down this webpage so you can responsibly decide if this is your opportunity of a lifetime.

WHO is the private invitation NOT for?

Many business masterminds or group programmes accept new freelancers based on their ability to pay…


As you know, I didn't ‘send out’ this invitation to you…YOU came to me and typed in a private PASSCODE…just so you could ‘earn-the-right’ to explore whether you’re the right fit for our inner circle programme.

Now that we’ve established why this PRIVATE INVITATION is unique, let's move on to WHO the inner circle is NOT for:

Freelance hair or makeup artists who have the financial resources, but are UNCOMMITTED to the weekly engagement within our inner circle community. (Lone-wolf freelancers are NOT a good fit with our highly engaged and interactive global community)

Freelancers who are UNWILLING to make a positive and permanent CHANGE with their current business that can often double (even triple) their PROFITS but are frightened of ‘CHANGE’...if that's YOU, stop reading here because the inner circle is NOT for you.

Freelancers who have ‘shiny-object-syndrome’ or are repeatedly INDECISIVE about which business coaches and communities can activate their business growth.


This PRIVATE INVITATION is NOT for the majority of hair and makeup artists who apply. In truth, most of the people who want to join our global community are NOT accepted.
(You’ll find out why as you read further down this page)

Out of the dozens of Inner Circle requests I receive each week, only a handful are accepted because my top priority is to protect the integrity (and ‘culture’) of our global community.

Are you following what I am saying so far?

I hope so because I want you to evaluate this opportunity as if your potential ‘success’ in your professional (and personal) life actually depends on it…I’ll assume it probably does.

If you decide to apply and get accepted into the inner circle, prepare yourself to have 24/7 private access to some of the best and brightest female minds you’ll ever encounter within the wedding industry. (Many of them may become your closest friends).

The flow of the 5-step Qualification process is outlined below:

To get a better understanding of your business, your needs, and your goals to determine if we are a mutual fit.



Once we have together decided to move forward, you will send us within 48 hours your completed application to confirm your qualification.


Once approved, we finalise payment, review the terms and conditions and start the onboarding process.


Within 24-48 hours you will receive an email from my inner circle concierge to set up the onboarding call. The purpose is to show you where to access your tools and resources.


As an inner circle client, you will receive support from me and the inner circle team.


Invitation IS Exclusively for…

Now if you’re still reading this, you’re probably wondering about what it takes and what's required to get admitted into the inner circle programme.

If that's true for you, then before you submit your application (links are on this PRIVATE INVITATION) it's critical to get crystal clear on the 5 specific character traits (listed below) I look for when evaluating inner circle applications.

To genuinely be ‘inner circle’ ready means you must demonstrate that you embody these 5 character traits:

  • You are a visionary who champions new strategies
  • You are an intelligent female who takes ‘calculated risks’
  • You are a compassionate leader who grows teams
  • You are a committed freelancer who’s ready to execute
  • You are a wedding industry ‘disrupter’ who wants to make a difference

‘’When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour.’’
Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter

FINAL POINT: Unless you’re open and willing to stick with us for 3+ years, you won't achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.

I want long-term members. End of story.

In fact, many of the strangers you’ll meet in the group (if you’re accepted) may soon become your best friends for life!

It happens all the time..

So if you’re STILL here and curious if the inner circle programme is an ideal fit for you, then NOW is the time to APPLY and complete the registration process.

Now is your turn to take back control in your business and give yourself an almost unfair competitive advantage over other hair and makeup artists.