Let me tell you, you can.

I’m a former pro bridal hair and makeup artist with over a decade of sales, marketing and business knowledge who wants to help you build your business working with brides and have the career your friends and family said wasn't possible.

When I trained as a hair and makeup artist in 2009, I never knew someone could earn a 6-figure income working with just brides.

I started my own successful bridal hair and makeup agency business from the ground up.

No family money, and no money from anyone else.

It was just me.

In addition to my on-location bridal hair and makeup services, I opened a brick and mortar salon in Cambridge, UK.

So, over the years I hired a whole team of hair and makeup artists, and quickly became the number one company for bridal work in my region.

My approach is rooted in the yearn to help people build the future they want and help them see their true potential.

I just decided one day to be someone people could turn to as a mentor..

Now I have no idea if you and I have ever met online…

During my lengthy career I taught highly lucrative hair and makeup lessons to many other salons and freelance clients, and looked after thousands of brides for wedding trials and photo shoots.

But I do believe I know these 3 things about you:

  1. You know you deserve ‘success’ this year.
  2. You get ‘stuck’ with sales, marketing and business skills
  3. You’ve tired of ‘trying’ to figure things out on your own, and making ‘costly mistakes’ that set you back years in the hair and makeup industry.

If you’re not careful, hair and makeup can be a REALLY expensive hobby.

And let’s face it, you can have all the makeup and hair products in the world but if you don't have any enquiries coming in, the products you have will expire and your bank account will be empty.

Now you and I both know that the key to growing your business is with marketing, and not a big makeup kit full of products.

So whether your goal is to own your own salon, or create your own high-income side hustle it's time to get the sales, marketing and business training that you need, to keep you fully booked out working with brides!

Because the problem is...

BBSB comes to your rescue with easy-to-understand business and marketing strategies that work for your creative business.

It’s time to build the life and business you REALLY want and give yourself instant access to the wisdom and world-class insights whenever you need it.