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Let's assume you are a bridal makeup artist earning £1,000 per wedding. You can handle 3 weddings per weekend, making £3,000. If you form a team of 5, and each team member also handles 3 weddings per weekend, your team can collectively manage 18 weddings. Even if you take a 60% management fee, your weekly earnings can increase significantly:

Example Scenario...

  • Individual earnings per weekend: £2,000
  • Team earnings per weekend (5 members x 3 weddings x £1,000): £3000
  • Management fee (60% of £3,000): £1,800
  • Total weekly earnings: £2000 (personal) + £1,800 (management fee) = £3,800

This Is The Right Fit For You If..

✔ You’re ambitious and ready to step in leadership where success does not chain YOU to 100’s of weddings year in year out, but instead gives you the freedom and autonomy you need to live life completely on your own terms

✔ You're ready to do things differently even though that may feel uncomfortable. You’re open to exploring new strategies, challenging your own beliefs, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

✔ You value authenticity, and are looking for a coach who has already walked this path who is genuine and deeply committed to helping you achieve your income goals.

✔ You’re ready for a team culture that is built on trust, respect, and shared commitment to excellence in the wedding industry.

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X You want a ‘quick fix’ money maker and don't really give a sh*t about people

X You’re not willing to help others develop their creative skills

X You’re not a ‘people person’

X You don't have system’s in place to support growth

X You can't fill up your own diary with weddings let alone a team

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